Our Projects

Supplying first-aid medical supplies

Our first project is to raise money to purchase first-aid kits for soldiers who are defending Ukraine in very difficult conditions and often without basic necessities.

We are doing this together with our Ukrainian partners Saving Lives in Ukraine, Medicine of the National Home Front and Всеукраїнське об’єднання Патріот who have a lot of experience assembling and delivering these kits as well as training soldiers in their use. The components of the kits, as listed on the fundraiser page, have been carefully chosen and tested in the field.

Art Therapy to Heal Ukrainian Soldiers

Researches show, that soldiers who took part in the hostilities, often return home with acute psychological conditions that impair functioning, disrupt family relationships, and prevent reentry into the workforce. They can also be affected by posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which may become chronic if not treated properly. The need of rehabilitation and psychotherapy become critical for their further functioning and returning to normal life.

In the world best practice, there is a significant evidence of a strong role for the arts in addressing the needs of service members. Art therapy is provided to assess and treat psychological health and cognitive issues as well as to introduce art making for relaxation and wellbeing.

Volunteers’ initiative ‘Creative dugout-house’ (Tvorcha Kryivka) has an experience working with people who survived traumatic events. Since March 2014 over 70 people received rehabilitation services thanks to the projects of the Initiative. Creative rehabilitation (art therapy) is carried out by the initiative in the three directions: psychological, social and biographical rehabilitation. Means of action during the creative rehabilitation: outdoors time, communication, artwork aimed to establish the connection of soldiers with the world outside, society and their own inner world. They study how to live productive and healthy life again.

Rehabilitation takes place in a Carpathian mountain resort towns in Ukraine, where soldiers have the opportunity to get healthier physically spiritually and emotionally.

The project cost is minimal, thanks to the active support of the community members, who cover an accommodation and meals and support the rehabilitation activities.

Training that takes place within the project aims to transfer the knowledge and skills in art therapy to the local specialists who will be able to continue working on the project volunteerly.

Donations are accepted for: travel and accommodation fees for volunteers; professionals’ service fee (physiotherapists and psychiatrists, project coordinator) who work with soldiers and train local volunteers; art-supplies; meals, covered partly; hygienic supplies.

Future Projects

We are working on projects to support soldiers returning from the war and their families in their transition back to peaceful lives. Ukraine has not been at war in many decades and there is little experience and expertise in treating PTSD and other psychological trauma. We hope to be able to help.

We are also developing projects to help disadvantaged and sick children in Ukraine.

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